Its Never too late!

Meet Marathon Gran!

As Chris Hobson’s retirement approached, in 2014, her daughter Liz felt that she needed an active “mission” to fill the void of work and socialization with co-workers. Liz talked her mom into training for the London Marathon which was two days after her last day at work. She crossed the finish with happy tears.

During her second marathon, 6 months later, she talked with a woman wearing a 100 Marathon Club shirt and decided to give this goal a try. This weekend she crossed the finish in the Italian Jobb’r Marathon in the UK.

When her husband (and logistics manager) Richard gave the OK for this challenge, Chris collected a support team of physiotherapists and signed up for Jeff Galloway e-coaching. Each year, she kept increasing the number of events. Only one other woman in Great Britain has run 100 marathons when all were done above the age of 60.

Congratulations to Chris as she moves into her next 100 and the completion of the 7 continents.

Chris Walker