How To Do A Cartwheel

Whether you want to be a cheerleader, or impress your grandchildren, a cart wheel is a relatively simple, though impressive, gymnastics maneuver. Here are instructions for a right handed cartwheel. If you’re left-handed, simply reverse them.

[1] stand sideways to the direction you want to travel, with both arms raised in the air, close to your ears, with your right side at the front, and your right foot pointing forward.

[2] During the cartwheel your body will rotate 360° as you keep your body at the same plan, rolling forwards.

[3] You will make contact with the ground like this: right hand, left hand, left foot, right foot (although for the sake of rhythm and memory, just think “hand, hand, foot, foot”).

[4] Most of your weight is in your back (left) leg. Bend your right leg and transfer your body weight into it. This will tip you forward and off-balance. Now there’s no going back!

[5] Reach forward with your right arm straight, palm flat, and fingers facing to the right (perpendicular to your foot). At the same time kick your left leg up straight. Don’t bend at the waist, or your star shape will collapse and your legs will travel sideways rather than vertically.

[6] As soon as your right hand makes firm contact with the ground, your right foot should leave the ground, so that for a moment only your right hand is in contact with the floor.

[7] Immediately place your left hand on the ground, about shoulder width in front of your right.

[8] Bring your right hand off the floor and land with your left foot facing the direction you have just come from.

[9] Land your right foot on the floor and regain your balance so that your weight is evenly spread between your two feet.

Chris Walker