High in potassium and calcium, celery helps to reduce fluid retention and prevent high blood pressure.

Celery has long been regarded as an ideal food for dieters because of its high water content and therefore it’s low calorie content. In fact, celery is a useful and healthy vegetable for many other reasons. It is a good source of potassium and is also surprisingly high in calcium, vital for healthy bones, healthy blood pressure levels, and nerve function. The darker green stocks and the leaves of celery contain carotenes and more of the minerals and vitamin C than the Paler leaves, so don’t discard them. Celery also contains the compounds polyacetalines and phthalides, which may protect us from inflammation and high blood pressure.

  • Low in calories and fat and high in fiber.

  • Good source of potassium.

  • Calcium content protects bones and may help regulate blood pressure.

  • May offer protection from inflammation.

Practical tips :

Choose celery heads with leaves that look bright green and fresh. Store in a plastic bag or in plastic wrap to prevent the stocks going limp. Celery is ideal for adding flavor in bulk to soups. The leaves can be added to salads and stir-fries or used as a garnish.

Did you know?

Celery can contain high levels of nitrates, which of been linked with an increased risk of cancer. However, researchers found that vegetables high in nitrates also usually contain high levels of nitrate neutralizing chemicals.

Major Nutrients per 3.5 oz/100g CELERY STALK

Calories : 14

Total fat : Trace

Protein : 0.7 g

Carbohydrate : 3 g

Fiber : 1.6 g

Vitamin C : 3 mg

Folate : 36 mcg

Vitamin K : 35 mcg

Potassium : 260 mg

Calcium : 40 mg

Magnesium : 11 mg

Celery and Apple revitalizer


4 oz/115 g celery, chopped

1 apple, peeled, cord, and diced

2 1/2 cups your choice of

(Hemp,Almond,Coconut or Rice milk)

Honey (optional)

Salt (optional)

Strips of celery, for decorating


[1] Place the celery, apple, and milk in a blender and process until thoroughly combined.

[2] Stir in the sugar and some salt, if using. Pour into chilled glasses, decorate with strips of celery, and serve.

Chris Walker